Peak Performance Physiotherapy

The peak performance method of physiotherapy has been developed by Paul O’Callaghan through a combination of almost 30 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to incorporating the latest scientific research in the field.
The peak performance method is built around a rigorous system of observation, consistent and disciplined assessment which takes into account the way in which the whole body is moving and the relationship between different parts of the body. This allows us to identify and address all of the contributing factors that may have been missed in a more typical assessment and treatment program.
Once we have identified the root cause of your symptoms we will then utilise a unique and comprehensive hands on treatment approach that is combined with exercise. This approach will be specifically tailored to meet your individual needs as we help you move out of pain and dysfunction towards your optimal musculoskeletal health.
We use a large variety of soft tissue mobilization and dynamic techniques to optimize mobility, stability and optimal function of affected muscles, nerves and joints. These techniques have been learnt from a wide variety of expert clinicians from all over the world.

Current scientific research has really emphasized exercise as being an important part of any successful treatment program. At Essential Health Plus we will supplement your hands on treatment with a functional exercise program that will help get you keep out of your pain and maintain your improved movement and performance for the long term.

So come in and experience the difference Peak Performance Physiotherapy at Essential Health Plus can make will make to your movement pain and long term health.