Functional Movement Screen

Before beginning any exercise program it is important to ensure that your body is balanced and ready to move in an efficient and pain free manner. You may not be aware of existing restrictions or compensations in your movement patterns as they often develop slowly from an accumulation of minor events. These could be due to injuries from last season or perhaps a more recent fall or injury.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a system used by elite sports teams and health professionals around the world to assess the way people move.

The Physiotherapists at Essential Health Plus are trained in the use of the FMS methodology. This system is used to assess seven movement patterns that are key to both sporting performance and normal everyday function. A FMS is used to help identify and correct problems in the way people move that may predispose them to injury and poor physical performance.

If the FMS screen identifies restrictions then your Physiotherapist can provide you with a plan to correct and optimise these movements. The FMS screen is completed within a 30 minute session and for the price of a standard consult you receive the FMS screen, a report and an initial exercise plan.

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