Posture and Alignment Issues

“Put your shoulders back, sit upright, walk tall don’t slouch” are the common cues we have heard, said or attempted to do. In the clinic we see the results of people’s very busy lifestyles, our reliance on technology and sedentary lifestyle. It’s reflected in the way we sit, stand, walk and sleep.

In this clinic, the Physiotherapist will assess whether you, or your child for that matter, is able to physically stand and sit in supposedly ideal posture. Often we find because of environmental factors such as heavy school bags, laptop use, watching television for too long, playing video games, talking on the telephone or just updating your friends using your mobile phone will result in flexed over postures. If caught early enough and treated appropriately people respond quickly to a combination of hands-on therapy, education, stretching and exercise.

Initially we find that teenagers are often reluctant to change their postural habits. When we take a series of specific photos and explain the potential ongoing restrictions,we often find good compliance once they understand the consequences of not looking after themselves.

So if you are concerned about your child/teenager/partners or your own posture, give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll contact you.

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