Sports Injuries

The Physiotherapists at Essential Health Plus commonly treat sports injuries from simple sprains to joints including the ankle, knee, hip, groin, rib, shoulder, elbow and hand to more complex multiple joint injuries. We liaise with the local GPs, Sports Physicians and sporting teams. We provide you with same day emergency treatment to those acute sprains and have extensive experience in rehabilitating the more complex sporting injuries.

The Physiotherapists at Essential Health Plus play sport and keep fit themselves. We understand, whether you are an amateur or professional sports person, that you require timely and specific assessment and treatment to get you back to your sport.

The physiotherapists at Essential Health Plus will use the Peak Performance Physiotherapy method to look at the whole body, the way in which you move and any predisposing factors that may have contributed to, or have the potential to prolong, the injury healing. This means that we will be able to identify and treat the underlying cause of your problem in order to give you a long term result, rather than simply treating the symptoms

We often see people with significant restrictions, say in their ankle which leads to compensations at the knee, the hip or the lower back. The influence of these other areas on the presenting injury must be demonstrated and resolved in order to achieve a good long term result that allows the patient to return to sport safely and with confidence.

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