Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are incredibly common conditions that can have a significant impact on a persons quality of life. If back and neck pain persist it can lead to considerable pain and a reduction in a persons ability to work and to the things that they enjoy doing.

Fortunately the physiotherapists at Essential Health Plus are experts in assessing and treating back and neck pain. Not only will they assess and treat the primary problem, they will also identify other factors that may be contributing to the ongoing problem. Using a specific framework of assessment the Physiotherapist’s at Essential Health Plus are able to successfully treat both acute and chronic back pain and neck pain.

The framework is part of the Peak Performance Physiotherapy method and involves an understanding of all the factors that may be contributing to the development of the neck and back pain. In particular a past history of injury, poor work postures, and restricted joint ranges due to previous injuries all potentially contribute to the person presenting with pain, restriction in the neck and back and possibly referred arm or leg pain.

The outcomes from treatment usually result in the majority of patients experiencing significant reduction in pain, a marked increase in movement, and are educated in understanding the factors that may be prolonging their pain.

Additionally, patients are given an individual rehabilitation program including the use of the state of the art Physitrack app. The patient is provided with an individual home exercise program that assists their ongoing self-management and helps to cement the positive changes made during their treatment.

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