Acute/Chronic Injury Management

Acute Injury Management

When you injure yourself it is important to make sure than you are doing everything possible to get back to your pre-injury state. Did you know that Physiotherapist’s are first contact practitioners? – which means we can assess, diagnose and send you for further investigations including x-rays and MRI’s.

We also liaise with your GP if we have concerns of the severity of your injury or a lack of normal response to Physiotherapy treatment.

Whether you have just sprained an ankle, hurt your knee, twisted your back or woken up with a stiff sore neck, Physiotherapy can provide you with advice, assessment and treatment which will get you back on your feet.

If you have an enquiry about whether you need to see a Physiotherapist give us a call regarding your injury/pain and we will be able to give you some advice and suggested self-management. Alternatively, you can e-mail us with your enquiry including as much detail about what has happened in the injury/development of your pain, and we respond with a suggested course of action.

Chronic Injury Management

As the population ages more and more people are increasingly aware of the need to exercise and maintain their health. However what we find is there is a significant proportion of the population that has an unresolved chronic injury. More recently, advances in injury management has allowed potentially chronic injuries to be resolved with a combination of Physiotherapy and medical intervention. However, those people with chronic injuries, whether it is to the ankle, knee, hip, lower back, neck or shoulder soon reduce their full participation in sporting and social activities by not addressing the problem. Often this leads to an increase in weight, frustration and the feeling of ‘getting old’.

Yet there are solutions to these issues. When was the last time you were assessed thoroughly from top to toe to look at the relationship and compensations that may have been present before or after you developed your chronic injury or pain? At Essential Health Plus we are able to look at your body in a unique, dynamic approach that gives you an understanding of what has happened and the potential solutions we can provide. Many people are finding that a combination of hands-on therapy, specific exercise and a gradual return to activity has enhanced their health, wellbeing and their outlook on life.

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