Ergonomics in the workplace and home

Ergonomics – big word what does it mean to the average person?

As we discussed in posture and alignment, one of the significant factors for people having issues with their body relates to the interaction with their physical environment whether that is at home, work, in the car or sporting technique. Ergonomics, in essence, is the science of ‘designing the environment around the individual’ to reduce the risks of injury.

While it is obvious that people can injure themselves when they fall, twist or jolt their body, the more insidious and slow effects of poor environment cannot be underestimated. Several simple changes in the work environment can significantly reduce chronic, ongoing neck, back and upper limb pain.

A large majority of people that attend the clinic are advised to change some aspects of their home or work environment. This is a specific aspect of our initial assessment and self-management planning which, in most cases, helps you to reduce / eliminate exposure to high-risk working practices. In particular, if you’re interested in optimising your workplace, then look at the information provided in the Bodies in Business section of the website.

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