Musculoskeletal Screens and Sport Specific Exercise Programs

Australians play a wide variety of sports. Whether it’s a full contact sport, a team sport or individual endurance pursuit, you need to develop specific skills, flexibility and strength related to your sport.

Who benefits?

When you watch people move some appear fluid, relaxed and balanced whether they are running, kicking or hitting the ball and others do not. Everyone has particular strengths, flexibility and imbalances. Some are obvious such as a limp, a stiff neck or damaged knee, and others no so. So whether you are a junior athlete, an elite athlete, an over 35 player or a weekend warrior you can benefit from a comprehensive individual assessment, treatment and specific exercise program.

The first step is a comprehensive musculoskeletal screening which involves assessing and identifying muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, performance deficits (such as poor single leg balance) and previous injuries.

This information is combined with the requirements of the sport in terms of ranges of motion, specific strength and flexibility requirements.

A plan of treatment is then developed to optimise the joint and muscle restrictions, treat and retrain any muscle imbalances and then devise a flexibility and graduated strengthening program to maintain and enhance performance specifically to the sport.

A classic example

A classic example of this approach came when I did musculoskeletal screens on a group of elite football players. In particular, I identified one player with a very stiff and restricted ankle as well as reduced hip movements. I explained to him the potential of other joints having to compensate for this stiff ankle and hip. Unfortunately, as I watched him play soccer he appeared to slip slightly in a hole and tore his anterior cruciate ligament on the side of his stiff restricted ankle and hip which I knew was previously intact. If only he had undertaken some preventative treatment he could have reduced his risk of tearing his ACL.

So if you’re an individual or manage a sports team and would like to know more information about our Musculoskeletal Screening and sport specific programs then give us a call on 9975 4906 or send us an e-mail.

Our Team

Paul O’ Callaghan

Paul O’Callaghan was originally born in Brisbane and grew up as the eldest of 11 children. Paul’s interest in health and nutrition has always reflected on his family’s medical background. Paul initially trained as a clinical scientist and subsequently studied physiotherapy in Sydney. Paul worked in the hospital system within New South Wales and subsequently traveled overseas living and working in Canada. Paul returned to Western Australia to work, and completed his postgraduate diploma in manipulative physiotherapy under the supervision of Mister Bob Elvey.

Paul has been working in the Forest area as a Physiotherapist since 1994. Over that period of time Paul has been involved in the community raising both the awareness of physiotherapy and assisting many people to improve their musculoskeletal health and maintain their mobility. The development of a purpose built clinic in the Forest area in 2006 had been a long term goal for Paul O’ Callaghan. The creation of a warm professional space for both clients and a diverse range of therapists and specialist doctors.

Paul is constantly perfecting his clinical skills through study, research and attending courses both locally and overseas. He is always developing new methods to provide world class outcomes for all his patients.

When Paul is not working or spending time with family, you’ll find him paddling on Narrabeen Lake or bushwalking around the northern beaches and beyond.

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