Physical Performance Optimisation

When we look at professional sports people they are managed by a team including Doctor, Physiotherapist and a Sports Psychologist. At Essential Health Plus we have developed a specific program for optimising the individual. This program will involve a full body musculoskeletal screen, a review of current and past injury history and management, specific investigations related to those injuries and the current perceived blocks to performance.

A program of treatment is developed to optimise the joint mechanics, muscle imbalances and nerve irritations. Subsequently a sports specific exercise program incorporating functional specific exercises is designed. These exercises complement the specific actions of the sport as well as enhancing muscle balance and flexibility in the areas identified in initial musculoskeletal screen.

The comprehensive assessment identifies any significant restrictions, muscle imbalances or previous injuries that may be causing you to compensate. So let’s have a look at you before you develop any significant compensations.

If you are at the peak of your sporting career then let’s see if we can enhance, maintain or extend your career. If you are returning to sport/exercise after a significant layoff or on the advice of the doctor then do yourself a favour and get assessed in order to establish a baseline in regards to your body and then work with us to optimise your chances of continuing to exercise without recurring injuries.

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