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It is in many respects an irony that we as human beings are often most active when our bodies are undergoing most change. The rapid growth of muscle and bone in young boys and girls whilst undergoing significant loading with their busy sporting schedules can often result in body imbalances and injury. A whole range of injuries that come under the umbrella of ‘growing pains’ such as chondromalacia patella severs disease and numerous other musculo-tendinous injuries can occur in children and young adults.

At Essential Health Plus Physiotherapy we have developed expertise in the assessment and treatment of children. Initially this was at the request of our clients, to look at some of their children who were limping or not running freely on the sporting field. Other children presented with restrictions in their neck and back or had headaches. Usually there was a significant fall, jolt or sprain/fracture that had contributed to their initial presentation. However, when we assessed these children, they had similar patterns of restriction and compensation that we see in the adult population.

The dynamic framework of assessment and treatment has been used to develop a specific approach to the gentle assessment and treatment of children. Children by virtue of their age and ability to compensate for injury better than adults often carry significant restriction in a number of joints.

The most common injuries that we see are ankle sprains that have settled but not healed followed by knee and shoulder injuries. While the injury doesn’t stop them from participating in sport and being active there is the potential, especially if they train more than 2 to 3 times a week, that they may have significant compensations in the way they walk run and balance on a particular leg due to an ankle or knee injury.

In the case of a shoulder injury, a history of arm or wrist fracture may be significant, if it is the dominant arm and they play a racket or throwing sport such as tennis or cricket.

Physiotherapist Paul has children, so is comfortable with looking after children of all ages. So if you feel that your child is not moving freely or complains of pains including growing pains or headaches give us a call or send us an e-mail with your enquiry.

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