Pre/Post Surgical Management

Preoperative Surgical Management

This is a particularly interesting area of Physiotherapy as most patients assume that once they have had surgery that the majority of their problems are solved. However, if the problem has been a chronic one then the whole body may have been involved. Often this is associated with a change in movement both locally as well as throughout the body in an attempt to avoid or compensate for the pain/restriction.

Therefore, it is important to identify what these potential areas are, perhaps addressing some of those areas prior to surgery, and alerting the patient to the additional areas that may need treatment post surgery. So if you’re considering surgery give us a call and we will assess you prior and advise you regarding any exercises or other self-management you may need to do to optimise the results of your surgery and help speed recovery.

Post Operative Management and Rehabilitation

The majority of the post surgical patients in the clinic are referred by the local orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation physicians for post-op Physiotherapy. In particular, we see ankle, knee, back, shoulder and hip surgical patients.

We liaise extensively with your referring specialist Doctor regarding their preferred program of rehabilitation. There is a gym area on site where you can exercise under supervision as well as develop specific training protocols to assist you in returning to activity as soon as possible.

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